On the happy occasion of your birthday

the music in my pious player
tells me that I

must pay my love for you
in love-words that part their
price at your wall;

It is appropriate that people in love

Say things
that are beautiful enough to endure the groin of contact.

Oh mercy
my words are septic with longing.
So filled with the sore and sausage of my internals

(plump and gruesomely young)

that they roll like biased marbles
towards my oesophagus

But maybe with words we can finally have a morning
And not this backward counting
Act by act, plight by plight,

Slow like the movement of thighs.

With words we can buy new sight
To get by in our atrophy of living
And share the vision of a foetus in its binding calm.

So I try for words as one tries for the only thing there is in the midst of this
eternal building

And this is my wordy tribute to you.


  1. 'belch my love' VAGUE
    'endure the groin of contact' HMMMM
    Sexually charged at the same time capturing enough to read till the last line.
    When will I stop seeing poems in parts.

  2. Puff the magic dragon.
    Completeness doesn't come to me, maybe.

  3. I liked belch, where did belch go? It was tart and moved on its own, like biased marbles, and septic and sore.

  4. Arfi,

    Maybe. But I thought I'd settle for a word less belchy.

    I fear that I'm going become like the man with a donkey who couldn't decide where to place his load.

    Thanks, though.

  5. hehe. true true. let it sleep for a while, then decide.


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