god knows I've tried.
tried to write a song, a liturgy,
to conclude you
but I can't.
you spill over the sides of every word
you are a fumbling sky and I can't place your blue.
though I neighbour you, and pull at your skin for entry,
you come to pass without me. you leave me innocent.


  1. Loved reading this, interesting blog, will definitely be back here! :)

  2. That "Why, thank you" sounded Kicha-ish. Which isn't a bad thing at all, as we know :).
    I love the way you've used the line breaks, conveys things (or feelings.. or whatever) so well!
    You lost me in the last phrase though.

  3. True true. Especially after we got to listen to Kicha saying "Yu-es" so much today.
    You should check out the following blog though:


    It's got a real "Why, thank you" feel.

    About the last line. Maybe I'll explain in person? If you want, that is.

    Thanks for coming by, Adit-chit :)

  4. This is just incredibly beautiful. :) Especially love "you are a fumbling sky and I can't place your blue."


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