This weekend's most memorable image:

I was travelling in an auto to a bus stand; just abreast of us was a man riding a scooter. Attached to the handle at the back was a knot that held some sixty chickens captive. It was interesting, how they were arranged, in what position.

The two legs of each chicken were tied together. The two tied legs had subsequently been tied to those of nine other chicken. In a curious way, the image resembled a bouquet, a single stem of legs from which flowered the heads and bodies of whole birds. There must have been six such chicken-bouquets (60/10, elementary math underway).

The birds dangled, upside-down, inches from the road. I thought at first that they were carcasses because they did not appear agitated. Then I saw one peck at the neck of a contemporary; another stir in an attempt to raise its head above the body-parts around it.

The scooter left a trail of white feathers. I wondered how those birds suffered the impact of blood-rush to their heads.


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